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Residential Lawn & Landscaping Services Serving Greater Louisville, KY, Including St. Matthews, Indian Hills, Glenview, & Nearby Areas in Jefferson County

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Residential Lawn & Landscaping Services in & Around Louisville, St. Matthews & Indian Hills, KY

Our team offers lawn care, landscaping, irrigation, outdoor living, and tree and shrub services.

If you want your property to stand out in your community, you've come to the right place. Our team offers residential services like lawn care, landscaping, outdoor living, irrigation, and tree and shrub services to homeowners in Louisville, St. Matthews, Indian Hills, KY, and nearby areas. We specialize in cultivating healthy lawns and plants, creating gorgeous landscapes and stellar outdoor living spaces, and maintaining irrigation systems. At Turf Tenders, your goals come second to none, and we will ensure your vision for your property becomes a reality with our top-quality services.

Lawn Care Services

House in Louisville, KY, with freshly mowed grass and white mailbox.

Our lawn care services are designed to provide your lawn with everything it needs to grow strong and lush. We can fertilize your lawn regularly, tackle any weed growth, improve your lawn's access to nutrients, and introduce new growth to keep it lush. Our team also provides treatments that effectively deal with lawn diseases and insect infestations to keep any kind of stressor from causing harm to your grass. What's more, our crew will keep your grass looking at the perfect height throughout the year via our lawn mowing service.

Landscaping Services

Rolls of sod for a new lawn in Louisville, KY.

We offer landscaping services that will reinvigorate the aesthetic appeal of your yard. Our team will work with you every step of the way until you achieve the landscape you've envisioned for your residential property. From designing your landscape, choosing which elements to add, and installing those desired features, we will get the job done right. We are capable of installing and renovating landscape beds, planting annual flowers, creating a lawn from scratch, and more!

Our team offers an outdoor lighting service that will brighten up your landscape and highlight its special features.

Outdoor Living Services

Outdoor kitchen in Louisville, KY, at night.

Our team offers outdoor living services to transform your backyard into an outdoor haven. We design and build hardscaping features like patios, walkways, driveways, outdoor kitchens, fire features, and more to improve the functionality of your outdoor living space. When constructing outdoor living features, we make sure to use high-quality materials that are durable and stylish to ensure these new additions to your property will look good and last for years to come.

Irrigation Services

Sprinkler system on a lawn in Kentucky providing water to grass and plants.

One way to keep the greenery on your property healthy and beautiful is to keep it hydrated. We will help ensure your grass and plants receive enough water throughout the year with our irrigation services. Our experts will design and install an irrigation system that is tailored to the needs of your property. Not only that but we will also ensure your system and every component of it is well-maintained throughout the year to keep it working properly so your lawn and plants receive adequate hydration.

Tree & Shrub Services

Trees and shrubs in Louisville, KY, in front of a brown house.

Our tree and shrub services are designed to improve the health and appearance of your plants. We can fertilize your trees and shrubs to provide them with essential nutrients and apply disease and insect control treatments to keep stressors at bay. We'll also ensure your plants look their best through regular trimming and get rid of weak or diseased branches through pruning.

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Our team at Turf Tenders offers residential services to homeowners in Louisville, St. Matthews, Indian Hills, KY, and nearby areas. We are your one-stop shop for your lawn care, landscaping, outdoor living, tree and shrub, and irrigation needs! Sign up for any of our services today by calling us at (502) 861-6637.