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Fertilization and Weed Removal

Your Green Lawn is a Click Away A Little TLC (Tender Lawn Care)

Have A Healthy Green Lawn

Every homeowner deserves to have a luscious green lawn. Here at Turf Tenders, we’ve transformed countless lawns with our six-step fertilization program. It’s customized for the exact nutrients by Louisville lawns. 

You don’t have to fiddle around with measuring fertilizer pellets, calculating the precise amount for your square footage and potentially burning your lawn or harming yourself.

Our professionals will safely and accurately apply fertilizer to your lawn and bring it back to life. Oh, and by the way, we’ll get rid of those pesky weeds too!

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How Our Program Works

Having a healthy green lawn isn’t a “one and done” process. It takes regular adjustments and maintenance as seasons and temperature change. Turf Tenders makes it simple, easy, and hassle-free.

There’s no more guessing on what your lawn needs.

 March: Your lawn transformation begins. We kick off spring to supercharge your lawn as it comes out of dormancy. While we apply the first fertilizer treatment, we’ll put down a pre-emergent to control broadleaf weeds. Tackling these weeds early will ensure they don’t even have a chance to grow.

April: You’ll begin to see positive changes to your lawn. Everything is growing, including weeds, yikes! We’ll apply a pre and post emergent on any and all broadleaf weeds. This means we’re taking care of any present weeds, and any soon to be. A healthy green lawn is the best weed blocker. As your lawn fills out, you’ll see less and less weeds. 

June: Even though dandelions can be fun – if not taken care of, they can quickly take over your lawn. Fun fact: when we blow on dandelions, we’re actually spreading the seeds around! We’ll treat your property to take care of any dandelions, clover, and other broad-leaf weeds

September: As temperatures have begun to cool off, we apply a light fertilizer to essentially “wake up” your lawn. We’ll also take care of any present weeds.

Late October: We apply a slow-release fertilizer to fully recoup and recover your lawn from the summer stress.

December: One last fertilizer treatment before winter. This helps put deeper roots down, so your lawn is more tolerant to extreme temperatures. Also, it helps your lawn store energy, so it’ll green right up come spring.

Expect the Best for Your Lawn.

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