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Daniel started in 2006 with the goal to become a business owner at age 10 with the guidance of his parents. Going from door to door he searched for clients and was able to grow the business enough to buy his first truck before he even had his license. After graduating from college Daniel decided to return home and once again serve those clients. Since then he has grown the business and gained experience in prestigious landscaping and lawn maintenance.

We are a small local family business that started with a boy and a mower. We pride on quality, and especially pay close attention to detail, with that in mind we want to expand and work with you to meet all of your lawn care needs. We are committed to customer satisfaction and provide high-quality mowing on a week to week basis, respond promptly to every concern a client may have, complete special projects in a timely manner, and work vigorously to control costs. 

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Daniel Santos and Ellie