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Aeration and Overseeding

Having trouble growing grass? The secret to a ‘picture perfect’ lawn…

Have a Healthy Green Lawn

Struggling to grow grass year after year? Your lawn could need professional help. Over time, your lawn gets compacted from foot traffic, rain, pets, etc. This compaction leads to hard soil that leaves your grass unable to penetrate and put down roots. 

Try this: can you easily stick a screwdriver into your lawn? It’s time to aerate! Imagine how difficult it’d be for your grass to take root in soil that’s difficult to stick a screwdriver in. That’s the reason for weak and bare spots on your lawn.

Using professional equipment, we remove cores or ‘plugs’ of soil from your lawn while overseeding it for new growth. This is the most effective and reliable method for growing a full healthy lawn. 

Green lawn, here we come!

Grass being aerated for germination
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