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Mosquito & insect control

Create a Barrier of Protection Around Your Home Keep You and Your Family Safe

Premium Mosquito Control

Periodic Treatment

Our expert technicians will service your property every 3 weeks, and create an odorless barrier around your property. This will keep mosquitos out, while also reducing the population to minimize their spread. This is perfect in the Spring, so  you can enjoy your patio without drenching the family in mosquito spray.

One-Time Treatment

Having a get together or family cook out?

We’ll make sure all the mosquitos are gone before guests arrive. Our technicians will treat your property a day or two before your occasion, so you and everyone else can focus on having a good time.

Flea and Tick Control

Just like mosquitos, fleas and ticks can not only spread disease to our furry friends, but to us as well, especially kids. 

As with our mosquito control, we create a barrier around your home to keep them out of your yard. That means less visits to the vet, less stress, and more importantly, peace of mind.

Grub Worm Control

Sometimes the cause of a dying lawn is right below the surface… that’s where grub worms cause havoc. They eat at the grass roots of your lawn, which takes away their ability to take in water and nutrients. If uncontrolled, grub worms can wipe out an entire lawn. 

When we visit the property, we’ll diagnose the problem before making any final decisions. If it’s a grub worm infestation, we can guarantee that it will be remediated as soon as possible.

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